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Mecca Agreement (2007)

Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Mahmoud Abbas, Fatah: Signatory, Khaled Mashal, Hamas: Signatory, Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia: Sponsor, Ismail Haniyeh, Hamas: Subject
An agreement between Hamas, represented by Political Bureau Chief Khaled Mashal, and Fatah, represented by PNA President Mahmoud Abbas, signed in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, on 8 February 2007. The purpose of the agreement, sponsored by Saudi King Abdullah, was to end clashes between the two organizations in the Gaza Strip, the result of tensions following Hamas' victory in the controversial 2006 elections, and to form a national unity government under incumbent Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh. The agreement collapsed in May 2007, and the resulting clashes ended with Hamas in control of the Strip.