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Political Status
Learn about the efforts made by both parties to the conflict to attain international recognition and legitimacy.
Learn about the role negotiations, initiatives and unilateral measures play in shaping the territorial reality.
Sub Topics:
Learn about the arrangements proposed in order to ensure Israeli security interests in any future settlement.
Learn about the political, historical and religious aspects of the tensions and negotiations over the City of God.
Learn about possible solutions to the plight of Palestinians who lost their home in 1948 and their descendants.
Armed Conflict
Learn about violence between Jews and Palestinians, and Israel and its neighbors, in 100 years of conflict.
Sub Topics:
Israel & the Arab World
Learn about the role of Arab countries in the conflict, as an existential threat to Israel or as partners in peace.
Sub Topics:
Civil Affairs
Learn about miscellaneous issues under negotiation, such as natural resources, economics and holy sites.
Sub Topics:

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