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ECF is an Israeli Policy Think-Tank - Working Towards Peace, Security and Prosperity


ECF is an Israeli policy planning think-tank dedicated to achieving an Israeli-Palestinian two state solution; to promote peace, security and prosperity for Israel and its Arab neighbors; and to promote Middle East regional stability.
ECF operates on three levels of policy planning:
  • Working for comprehensive Israeli-Arab peace;
  • Preventing escalation of violence and creating conditions for sustainable stability; 
  • Working in support of Palestinian state-building. 

Ever since it launched and managed the Oslo negotiations, ECF has been involved with Israeli-Palestinian and regional peace efforts. It has been called upon by all Israeli governments – left, right and center; and worked closely with all relevant players from the region and beyond, including the Palestinian Authority, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, as well as the US, Europe and international & multilateral organizations.
Discretion, professionalism and low profile have been the mark of ECF, which has avoided publicity and direct public advocacy. In this way, ECF provides all parties with the necessary space to develop constructive processes away from the media and the public eye. This has proven essential in securing the ease of access, intimacy and cooperation ECF has enjoyed for over two decades.
Third parties also value the fact that ECF is unique as its work reflects the meeting place of the respective interests of the parties. This is achieved through ongoing confidential dialogue with officials and experts from all sides. 

ECF operates three types of activities: