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Op-ed by French, Italian and Spanish FMs Regarding the Gaza Flotilla (2010)

Franco Frattini, Italy: Author, Bernard Kouchner, France: Author, Miguel Angel Moratinos, Spain: Author
An op-ed co-authored by Franco Frattini, Bernand Kouchner and Miguel Angel Moratinos, Foreign Ministers of Italy, France, and Spain respectively, published on Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera on 11 June 2010. Coming in the aftermath of the Israeli assault on a flotilla headed for the Gaza Strip, in which nine Turkish nationals were killed, the op-ed called on Israel to abandon the logic of "[using] force to achieve its political and security objectives", investigate the incident and lift the blockade on the Strip that had been in place since 2007. It also called on the Israelis and Palestinians to resume negotiations, citing the EU Foreign Affairs Council's outline for a settlement, adopted in December 2009.