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Israeli Opposition Leader Isaac Herzog's Plan (2013)

A peace plan presented by Israeli Opposition Leader Isaac Herzog in 2013. The document contains three parts. The first part presents principles for a settlement resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, among which are: a territorial settlement based on the 1967 lines, with agreed territorial exchange, allowing Israel to retain settlement blocs housing 80% of Israelis residing beyond the Green Line; a demilitarized Palestinian state, with Israel retaining security presence in the Jordan Valley until the agreement is implemented; a solution to the Palestinian refugee issue based primarily on a return to Palestine, with Israel retaining the exclusive right to decide whether to accept a limited number of individual refugees; partition of sovereignty in Jerusalem along ethnic lines, with the city remaining under a single municipal authority, and a "special regime" to be enacted in the Historical Basin; and the settlement constituting the end of the conflict and resolution of all outstanding claims. Implementation of the agreement would be done in stages, with progress conditional on the full implementation of each stage. The second part of the document details actions to be undertaken by both sides in the five-year interim period, including completion of the West Bank Separation Barrier, a freeze on settlement construction outside Jerusalem and the settlement blocs, arrangements for the evacuation of Israeli settlers, and disarmament of Palestinian militants not under government control. The third part revolves around the enhancement of economic and political ties between Israel and Arab countries on the basis of the Arab Peace Initiative, including compensation for Jewish refugees from these countries.