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Resolutions of the 7th Islamic Summit Conference (1994)

A set of resolutions and statements adopted by the heads of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) member states during the 7th Islamic Summit in Casablanca, Morocco, on 15 December 1994. The summit's Final Communiqué contained a section devoted to the issue of Palestine and Al-Quds al-Sharif (Jerusalem). The leaders offered support to the PLO in its struggle to end the Israeli occupation and establish "national institutions", all while reaffirming their commitment to achieving peace based on Israeli withdrawal from the territories occupied during the 1967 Six Day War, as well as southern Lebanon. It rejected Israeli policy in Jerusalem, and called on the international community to discourage Israel from actions that could affect the final status agreement with regard to the city. It further emphasized the exclusive nature of Palestinian rights in Jerusalem, implicitly rejecting the "special role" accorded to Jordan with regard to the holy sites in the city under the terms of the 1994 Israel-Jordan peace treaty.