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  • Allon Plan (1967)

    A plan proposed by Israeli Minister of Labor and former general Yigal Allon shortly after the Six Day War. … The so-called “Jordanian Option” was finally abandoned when Jordan announced its disengagement from the West Bank in 1988.
  • Sharon Plan (1977)

    A plan put forth by Israeli Agriculture Minister and former general Ariel Sharon, and approved by the Government of Israel on 2 October 1977, for a major extension of Jewish settlement in the West Bank. … Sharon presented four main objectives he wished to achieve with the plan: preventing the Palestinian civilian population from entering Israel; creating a buffer between West Bank Palestinians and Arab-populated Israeli territories north and west of it; controlling the high ground overlooking the Israeli coastal plain, where most of the country’s population and industrial capacity is located; and ensuring the security of Lydda International Airport. …