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PNA Chairman Abbas' Statement at the Annapolis Conference (2007)

Annapolis, MD
Condoleezza Rice, United States: Subject, Ehud Olmert, Israel: Subject, Mahmoud Abbas, PNA: Speaker, Tony Blair, Middle East Quartet: Subject, George W. Bush, United States: Subject
A statement given by PNA President Mahmoud Abbas at the Annapolis Conference on 27 November 2007. Abbas offered support for a two-state solution, leading to the end of the occupation that began in 1967, including that of East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, and to the resolution of the Palestinian refugee question in accordance with UNGA Resolution 194 and the Arab Peace Initiative. He stressed the need for "all settlement activities" to end and for Palestinian prisoners to be released. Abbas called for negotiations to begin on "all issues of final status, including Jerusalem, refugees, borders, settlements, water and security and others [sic]." He also committed to fighting terrorism and building "civilian, security and economic institutions".