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2014 Gaza Conflict (Operation Protective Edge)

An Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip turned into large-scale fighting between the IDF and Hamas, conducted on 8 July – 14 August 2014. Following the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers in the West Bank, the IDF began a widespread crackdown against Hamas operatives in the region. In response to increased rocket fire by Hamas from the Gaza Strip, the IDF then began aerial bombardment of Hamas targets, followed by a ground incursion. During the operation, Hamas made use of several offensive tunnels in order to strike targets inside Israel, and the IDF made significant effort to locate and destroy such tunnels. Additionally, Hamas fired rockets at Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and many other localities, some of which were intercepted by the Israeli-made Iron Dome system. The fighting caused extensive damage in the Gaza Strip, with 2,192 Palestinians and 72 Israelis killed, and terminated with an agreed month-long ceasefire, after several previous attempted ceasefires ended in failure.