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Soviet Proposals on Palestine Submitted to Subcommittee 1 of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Palestinian Question (1947)

Lake Success, NY
Semen K. Tsarapkin, Soviet Union: Speaker
A statement made by Soviet diplomat S.K. Tsarapkin before Subcommittee 1 of the Ad Hoc Committee On The Palestinian Question on 3 November 1947. The statement expressed the Soviet Union's reservations with regard to a previous proposal by the United States, and outlined a proposal for interim arrangements following the termination of the Mandate for Palestine, meant to facilitate the establishment of the Arab and Jewish states envisioned in the UNSCOP Report. According to the proposal, during the transitional period following British withdrawal, Palestine would be administered by a Security Council-appointed Special Commission, which would also determine the border between the two future states. The Special Commission would also oversee the establishment of Provisional Councils of Government in both states, charged with preparing the way to the election of a Constituent Assembly for each state, which would then prepare a permanent constitution. Both states would maintain militias under the supervision of the Special Commission.