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Report - Regaining the Initiative: Palestinian Strategic Options to End Israeli Occupation (2008)

A report published in August 2008 by the Palestinian Strategy Study Group, a team of experts convened by think tank Oxford Research Group, whose purpose is to outline various strategic options for the Palestinians in light of the faltering Annapolis Process and the failure of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations in general. It presents four possible scenarios that should be unacceptable to Palestinians: indefinite negotiations, an interim agreement that leaves Israel in control with no permanent settlement, unilateral separation by Israel or the Palestinian Territories reverting to Egyptian and Jordanian control. These scenarios can be blocked by a combination of four strategies: termination of negotiations; reconstitution of the PNA and the end of cooperation with Israel; preference for "smart" resistance over negotiations; and the establishment of a single state as the strategic goal of the Palestinian people. The report further elaborates on how to proceed in implementing these strategies.