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Israel-Lebanon Treaty (1983)

David Kimche, Israel: Signatory, Antoine Fattal, Lebanon: Signatory, William Drapper, United States: Signatory
A treaty signed on 17 May 1983 between representatives of Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin and Lebanese president Amine Gemayel, mediated by the United States. The treaty, concluded in the midst of the 1982 War, formally ended the state of war that existed between the two countries since the 1948 War and constituted mutual recognition of each country's sovereignty and territorial integrity; contained measures for the withdrawal of Israeli forces, along side the establishment of a Security Zone in southern Lebanon; and provided for security cooperation between the two countries, who committed not to allow any militant actions against the other party. Due to the ongoing Lebanese Civil War, the Lebanese government at the time only represented the Christian population of the country. Following the withdrawal of American forces from Lebanon, and under Syrian pressure, Gemayel formally abolished the treaty on 5 March 1984.
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