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Israeli PM Begin's Palestinian Self-Rule Plan (1977)

A plan proposed by Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin on 28 December 1977, laying out principles for the establishment of Palestinian self-government in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The plan was formulated in light of the Israeli-Egyptian peace negotiations inaugurated with Egyptian President Anwar Sadat's visit to Jerusalem, with the idea of Palestinian autonomy later featuring in the Camp David Accords. The plan included the abolition of Israeli military government in said areas, and the establishment of an elected authority, based in Bethlehem, that would be charged with civil affairs, while security and public order would remain the responsibility of Israel. Residents of these areas would be given a choice to become citizens of either Jordan or Israel, including the right to participate in elections. A joint Israeli-Jordanian-Palestinian committee would have the right to approve "reasonable" resettlement of Palestinian refugees in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The question of sovereignty over these territories would remain open, with Israel retaining its claims.