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King-Crane Commission Report (1919)

A report prepared by a commission led by two Americans, Henry King and Charles Crane, that was completed on 28 August 1919 and published in 1922. King and Crane were tasked by US President Woodrow Wilson to examine the situation in the former Ottoman territories in the Near East, including the various populations in the region and their positions, in order to guide American policy following the conclusion of World War I. In the report, present-day Israel, the Palestinian Territories and Jordan were all considered to be part of Syria. The commission collected over 1800 petitions containing various proposals as to the future status of the territory, of which the report offers a detailed analysis. It recommended that Syria be placed under the control of a Mandatory power, preferably the US or Britain, in order to prepare it for independence as soon as possible, eventually forming a united state under King Faisal with possible autonomy for Lebanon and Palestine. Noting significant Arab opposition to Jewish national aspirations, the report explicitly ruled out the establishment of a Jewish state and called for limits on Jewish immigration to Palestine.