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ECF is an Israeli Policy Think-Tank - Working Towards Peace, Security and Prosperity

Nimrod Novik

Dr. Nimrod Novik

Senior Associate

Nimrod Novik was chairman of the board of ECF for over two decades, and has taken an active role in ECF’s Track-II diplomacy throughout. In addition to Israeli security and political circles, Nimrod maintains close contacts with the Egyptian intelligence community, Jordanian security establishment, Palestinian political leadership, and Saudi security experts, as well as with senior US, European, UN, and other relevant officials that deal with Middle East policy.

Concurrently, until 2011, he served as a Senior Vice President of the Merhav Group, where he was responsible for Middle East projects. These included the $1.3 billion MIDOR petroleum refinery in Egypt and the $550 million EMG pipeline system for the export of Egyptian natural gas to Israel. He was also responsible for Merhav’s overall corporate, government, and media relations. In addition, he served on the boards of AMPAL (NASDAQ & TASE traded) and Channel 10 News.

Prior to that, he served for close to a decade as Foreign Policy Advisor to Shimon Peres during his tenure as Prime Minister and Vice Premier. During those years he was involved in all foreign policy matters including negotiations with Arab leaders; negotiations with Moscow over Soviet Jewry, restoring bilateral relations and establishing intelligence cooperation, as well as Middle East policy; and engagement with Beijing over establishing diplomatic relations. He then served as a Special Ambassador of the State of Israel and an Advisor to the Israeli National Security Council.

Nimrod is a member of the board of CIS (Commanders for Israel’s Security), and the Israel Fellow of IPF (Israel Policy Forum).