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ECF is an Israeli Policy Think-Tank - Working Towards Peace, Security and Prosperity

Conflict Prevention

Given its unique access to and cooperation with the various Israeli security agencies, ECF has emerged as a frequent problem solver whose channels have often been used to reduce tensions and convey messages. Some examples of ECF crisis management include:

  • When King Abdallah II of Jordan was concerned about Israeli measures on the Temple Mount (Haram ash-Sharif), the Jordanian Embassy in Tel Aviv would turn to ECF. After receiving a satisfactory response from the Israeli Prime Minister’s office, crisis management became a stepping stone for improving relations with Jordan on other matters too, enabling ECF to serve as a major channel for leading discreet political, security and economic discussions between senior Jordanian and Israeli officials. As a result, ECF has served as the only venue for Israeli-Jordanian interaction at times when regional tensions forced Amman to opt for a deniable location for security and other discussions with senior Israeli officials.  
  • ECF senior staff has served as a regular and deniable venue for messages conveyed by Hamas leadership (then in Damascus) and the Israeli prime minister through much of Gilad Shalit’s period in captivity. 
  • On a regular basis, ECF is used to convey warnings of senior foreign representatives, who have been frustrated by authorized official channels, to the right Israeli officials.
Related projects under development include:
  • Promoting Israeli-Jordanian strategic dialogue – track II between Israeli and Jordanian former officials
  •  Promoting stability building in Gaza