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  • Jordanian Annexation of the West Bank (1950)

    A resolution adopted by the Jordanian Parliament on 24 April 1950, by which it approved the annexation of the West Bank, occupied by Jordan during the 1948 War, with its borders determined by the 1949 Israel-Jordan Armistice Agreement. … The West Bank was taken over by Israel during the 1967 Six Day War, and Jordan formally waived its claim over the territory in 1988, referencing the 1950 resolution.
  • Lausanne Conciliation Conference (1949)

    A conference held in two rounds, on 27 April-23 June 1949, and on 18 July-12 September 1949, with the goal of reaching a settlement in the Arab-Israeli conflict in light of the 1948 War. … Following a series of proposals and counter-proposals by both sides and the Commission, including an Israeli proposal to annex the Gaza Strip, the conference ended without an agreement.