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  • Security

    last update: 2017-05-18 03:58
  • McMahon-Hussein Letters (1915)

    last update: 2016-11-08 04:50
    An exchange of letters between Henry McMahon, British High Commissioner in Egypt, and Hussein bin Ali, Sharif of Mecca and later King of Hejaz, that took place in late 1915 and early 1916. With the Arabs planning to revolt against the Ottoman Empire in the midst of World War I, the exchange promised British support to the Arabs, and British recognition of Arab independence following the war, with certain territorial reservations. Implementation of the British promises contained in the exchange was complicated by the exposure of the secret Sykes-Picot Agreement, defining British and French spheres of influence in the Middle East, as well as the publication of the Balfour Declaration, endorsing the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.
  • Possible Exchange of Populated Territories (2004)

    last update: 2016-11-08 05:27
    Reference map summarizing proposals for Israeli territories with Arab residents to be ceded to Palestine as part of territorial exchange in a future permanent settlement, as made by Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman among others.
  • 1948 War

    last update: 2016-11-24 04:25
    Known in Israel as the War of Independence, and in the Arab World as the Nakba (Catastrophe). The war began on 30 November 1947 as a civil conflict between Jews and Arabs in Palestine, immediately following the adoption of UNGA Resolution 181 that approved the Partition Plan for Palestine. Following the termination of the Mandate for Palestine and the Israeli Declaration of Independence, military forces from seven Arab countries invaded Palestine and began fighting the newly-created Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The war ended in 1949 with Israel signing separate armistice agreements with Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria, leaving it in control of the entire territory allocated to the Jewish state in the Partition Plan, as well as more than half of the territory allocated to the Arab state. Following the 1967 Six Day War, the armistice lines became collectively known as the (4 June) 1967 Lines or the Green Line. The war resulted in hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees.
  • West Bank Separation Barrier - Phases

    last update: 2016-11-19 16:39
    Reference map of Phase D of the West Bank Separation Barrier. This phase complements the previous phases by adding sections in the northern West Bank and around Jerusalem, and in addition mostly follows the Green Line from south of Jerusalem around the southern West Bank, ending several kilometers west of the Dead Sea. This phase of the barrier was partially completed by 2006, but remains unfinished as of 2014.
  • Arieli Jerusalem Combined Seam Zone Proposal (2008)

    last update: 2016-09-29 05:34
    A proposal made by Israeli retired colonel, researcher and publicist Shaul Arieli for a border management and security regime in Jerusalem as part of a future Israeli-Palestinian settlement including partition of the city.
  • Taba Summit - Palestinian Proposal (2001)

    last update: 2016-11-08 05:25
    A Palestinian proposal for a permanent territorial settlement put forth in 2001 during the Tabba Summit, including territorial exchangeinvolving 3.1 percent of the Wast Bank territory.
  • Map of Holy Sites in Jerusalem

    last update: 2016-11-19 18:13
    Reference map of Christian, Muslim and Jewish holy sites in and around Jerusalem.
  • Map of Jewish Settlements in East Jerusalem (2014)

    last update: 2017-01-25 15:54
  • Territorial Exchange (Land Swap)

    last update: 2017-01-31 03:41